Form guide for Azerbaijan

The form guide allows you to study how the drivers and teams have done over the last three races. For each race we show details on the postion and points scored in the game for both the race and qualifying. The PPP column shows the points per pound, what we use to identify our race stars and Points shows the total for just the last 3 races. There is just one table for chassis and engines points as these score in the same way in the game and only differ in the way that you can use setup and development time.

 NameAUS QualAUS RaceBAH QualBAH RaceCHI QualCHI RacePPPPoints
1 Lewis HamiltonP110P238P35P147P27P1464.50153
2 Valteri BottasP27P146P44P240P110P2384.83145
3 Sebastian VettelP35P432P27P530P35P3353.56114
4 Max VerstappenP44P336P53P433P53P4334.48112
5 Charles LeclercP53P530P110P335P44P5303.73112
6 Kimi RaikkonenP91P825P91P728P130P9264.7681
7 Pierre GaslyP170P1118P130P829P62P6283.5077
8 Alexander AlbonP130P149P120P925P200P10306.4064
9 Sergio PerezP101P1310P140P1024P120P8284.5063
10 Lance StrollP160P929P180P1413P160P12154.7557
11 Kevin MagnussenP71P629P62P1310P91P13103.1253
12 Lando NorrisP81P1211P101P632P150P1853.8550
13 Daniil KvyatP150P1025P150P1214P110P1944.3043
14 Nico HulkenbergP110P730P170P176P81P2032.1140
15 Antonio GiovinazziP140P158P160P1117P190P15122.8537
16 Daniel RicciardoP120P194P110P185P71P7261.8036
17 George RussellP190P1610P190P1512P170P1683.7530
18 Robert KubicaP200P179P200P1611P180P1773.8627
19 Roman GrosjeanP62P185P81P203P101P11121.6024
20 Carlos Sainz JrP180P203P71P194P140P1491.1317
 NameAUS QualAUS RaceBAH QualBAH RaceCHI QualCHI RacePPPPoints
1 MercedesP110P139P25P139P110P1394.18142
2 FerrariP24P233P110P234P25P2343.64120
3 Red BullP42P328P51P330P42P3323.5295
4 Alfa RomeoP71P519P61P424P100P6184.2063
5 Racing PointP61P420P100P618P90P4224.6961
6 Toro RossoP90P718P80P521P60P8134.3352
7 HaasP32P618P32P99P32P5182.8351
8 McLarenP51P910P42P717P80P9102.6740
9 RenaultP80P816P70P107P52P7151.8240
10 WilliamsP100P109P90P811P70P1093.6229
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